Uttarakhand Handloom & Handicraft Cluster

Uttarakhand Handloom & Handicraft Cluster is registered council Constituted by the Government of Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand Handloom & Handicraft Development Council (UHHDC) acts as a facilitator to motivate, guide and organize artisans and provide common platforms for direct interactions between creaters and connoisseurs, producers and buyers. The State specializes in production of woolen handlooms, cotton handlooms, silk products, products of other natural fibers and also many other innovative combinations.

Uttarakhand, cradled in the lap of the lofty Himalayas, the state boasts of snow-capped peaks, stealthy glaciers, meandering rivers, mist laden valleys and exotic species of flora and fauna.

Inspired by this flawless natural splendor, the people of Uttarakhand have created and nurtured various forms of arts and crafts since ages. Crafts usually utility items like doors, windows, rugs, carpets, baskets, copper utensils or the folk art Aipan made by Uttarakhandis have a unique touch of nature in their designs.

Owing to the stiff competition faced by these arts and crafts from the modern and cheap machine-made products, the Government of Uttarakhand felt the need to take concrete step for their revival and promotion in order to prevent this precious creativity from fading away.

With this vision, the Uttarakhand Handloom & Handicraft Development Council (UHHDC) was constituted. UHHDC acts as the apex body for the overall development and promotion of handlooms and handicrafts in the state. It aims at generating sustainable employment opportunities in these sectors by promoting specialized products for commercialization.